Wizz Discount Club Terms and Conditions

Membership to the Wizz Discount Club (the “Club”) is subject to your (the Member) acceptance of the terms and conditions. By registering to the Club the Member agreed its terms and conditions.

Section 1 Eligibility and Registration

1.1. Customers may register in the Club
1.1.1. with online booking together with paying the Club Membership Fee
1.1.2. via Call Centre when booking together with paying the Club Membership Fee

1.2. Club members are obliged to provide and maintain their accurate and true personal information when applying for a Club membership or using any Club benefits. Failure to do so may invalidate the membership to the Club and any subsequent flight purchase at Wizz Air's sole discretion. It is the Member's responsibility to update his/her personal information through this page: My Profile.

1.3. A Member may cancel his or her membership in the Club at any time by selecting the unsubscribe option on My Profile page

1.4 The membership is valid for 1 calendar year calculated from the day of the subscription. Members can extend their membership within one month prior expiry together with booking and paying the Club Membership Fee. When Member extends the membership immediately and without interruption, the new period will start from the following day of previous expiration date. If your Membership expired, you can anytime register in the Club when booking paying the Club Membership Fee.

1.5 Membership to the Club is non-transferable. Members must promptly notify Wizz Air upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of Club membership.

1.6. Club members will have access to book special Club fares on wizzair.com which are not available to non-members. Membership in the Club does not guarantee availability of special Club fares on all routes and at all times.

1.7 All promotions, fares, and any other special offers provided by Wizz Air are subject to the terms and conditions specifically pertaining to that offer.

1.8. Members must always be one of the travelling parties when booking a Club fare. The Wizz Discount Club fares are applicable to the accompanying passengers only in case the Club member is a traveller in the booking and the booking does not exceed 10 passengers (including the Club member and children but excluding infants).

1.9. A Member may not purchase tickets for resale.

1.10. Changes to a Member's flight itinerary will be subject to the flight change fee and any applicable fare difference for the newly requested date(s) or flight(s).
Flight changes applicable to all passengers in the reservation can be done on wizzair.com or via Call Centre.
Flight changes not applicable to all passengers in the reservation can be made via our Call Centre only.
The club member must remain a passenger in the booking at all time for the other passengers to beneficiate from the club fares. If the club member is removed from the booking, the regular fare will be applicable to all remaining passengers and the fare difference will need to be paid. Alternatively one of the other passenger can become a club member. to keep club benefits for the remaining passengers.

Section 2 Payment

2.1. During subscription Member will be charged an annual fee. . Annual fee payment is not possible with bank transfer.

2.2. Initial or renewal membership fees are subject to change by Wizz Air at any time and without notice to the Member. Any increase in the annual membership fee will take effect upon renewal of the Club membership.

2.3. A Members will not be entitled to any refund of any membership fees upon cancellation of membership in the Club.

2.4. Once a Member cancels his/her membership it cannot be reinstated; Member must sign up again to receive Club benefits when booking together with paying the Club Membership Fee.